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It worked as well as I could expect. It did recover the most crucial data so I am very happy. Great product by the way!

Maineiac one

(You have been very kind and helpful)

I got ALL my data back. Thanks a million!

Mary O'Neill

I found out today that my wife was using a pen drive for permanently storing some of her most important files with no other copies. Want to guess how I found out? (Disk Not Formatted) Anyways, your pen drive utility did the trick, saving over 95% of the files.


George Fraizer

I just wanted you to know that I successfully retrieved the data using your product

I will recommend your product to all my colleagues.


Just to say thanks very much. My daughter managed to wreck her flash stick which had vital coursework from school on. You software got it back.

Well done. A great piece of software.

Calum Maclean


I am writing to let you know that I have retrieved data on my Pen Drive successfully.

Many thanks for developing such a useful tool.

Aaron Townsend

You have no idea how depressing it can be when you lose your data. I lost 200GB of data including photos, audio and many video files which were in the process of being edited, after my machine crashed. Your software restored it all, just as it was. Amazing - and thank you!!

Mark Harmer

Northwick Terrace


Gl56 9BL

Thank you for your instant response to my problem. It is appreciated that your memory card software allowed me to recover majority of files on the XD card. A very good program to have if the memory card plays up.

Once again thank you.

Henk Spierings

The software worked great on my laptop and has recovered the vital information for me.


Graham Taylor

Thank you very much. Your software had saved important confidential data.

- Kris S.

Thank you so much and I just love your product. Keep up the good work...

- Ashley Gibbs

Thank you very much for your quick response.

It finally started finding files very fast from my 300GB drive.

Thank you again for the product and activation key information.



The Secure data wiper is doing the job very well.

Big Thanks from Germany!

Peter Lojewski (Germany)