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Advance Keylogger Software

Advance Keylogger Software records overall system and internet activities including send mails, login IDs, passwords, voice chat conversations, system booting time, clipboard activities etc. Advance featured software captures Windows screenshots at regular time interval with facility to send/upload log files via email or using FTP server settings.

Software is perfect for those who are looking for total control over their PC, both at Home and Office. Invisible stealth keyboard tracking tool always lets you know about your kids, office employees, friends online and offline internet activities. Advance Keylogger is capable to work in stealth mode, and remains completely undetectable in Windows Task Manager, Add/Remove program folders, System startup and even invisible in installation files and folders.

» Product Monitoring Features:
  • Password protected keylogger works silently in the computer background.
  • External user cannot change its configuration settings.
  • Bypasses all major antivirus software and spy tools.

» Software Advantages:

  • Software records overall PC and internet activities.
  • Records system startup time and any modifications done in system time settings.
  • Record overall PC activity in encrypted log file.
  • Allows you to send or upload log file via Email or FTP server settings.
  • Secretly record every typed keystroke and clipboard contents.
  • Software runs in standard or hidden mode.
  • Facilitates to generate report of recorded data in .txt or .html file format.